My Experience with Drinks

I found out my passion for drinks when I was a little kid. I would go to the store and find all these colorful looking drinks in the freezers. This webpage is going to be about some of my favorite drinks that I have tasted.

Mugs Root Beer

As a little kid, people said that root beer tasted like a medicine they ate as a little kid, for me however, I never tried that type of medicine. I first found out about root beer in 4th grade. When I first tasted it, I never tried something like that ever. This made root beer one of my favorite drinks.


Faygo is a drink that not many people have heard of. You can mainly find it in a mexican store and pick up multiple flavors of faygo. Faygo is a flavored drink that comes in many different flavors. My personal favorite is either Jazzin' blueberry or Pineapple Watermelon. There are a variety of flavors and I would say the worst flavor is Cotton candy or blueberry.


Ramune is a Japanese soda that is very popular. It is mainly known for the small glass ball you can pop into the bottle. There are many different flavors of Ramune and they all taste delicious. Lychee is my favorite flavor for Ramune because it actually taste like Lychee, not some type of knock off version. However, Ramune is very hard to find in korea. So instead of having Ramune, people in Korea tend to have a different version of their own.


Lemonade is a classic drink that everybody loves. There is, of course, the original lemonade flavor, there is a raspberry flavor, and there are many more that not everyone has heard of. Lemonade is a delicious drink that I can have any day. My personal favorite flavor for Lemonade is peach. Peach lemonade is pretty hard to find, but I was at this gas station with my friends and we bought one to try it out. It turns out to be one of my favorite drinks of all time.


Water is one of my favorite drinks because I drink it everyday. I only included water on this list because it's what keeps all humans alive and healthy. Water is a everyday need for everyone. Although it has a bland taste, it always taste good when you want water.